Reflector to projector conversion

They don't seem to provide that deep blue flicker that you can get with projectors. See if you have that either as factory installed prior to your conversion or exchange your current kit with one that includes the projector lens setup. PLEASE NOTE:- If you are intending to use an HID conversion with any of our lights you should check the legality with local regulations. 7. On the top, you can see what appears to be a small rounded bulb inside the projector housing . The HID conversion and xenon conversion kits is a revolutionary concept in which xenon gas is used with other noble gases for producing lights which are three times better than any standard halogen bulb. The other is projector housing which is more commonly found on more late model cars. Are our fog light housing projector or reflector? (KATANA H11 H8 H9 LED Headlight Bulbs,CREE Chips 12000Lm 5090Lux 6500K Extremely Bright Conversion Kit the reflector insert looks like a later H4. Most of the car manufacturer uses these types of lights often as they are inexpensive. what type of headlight does my 2016 honda civic have reflector or projector reflector projector . If LED can work in a projector housing like haolgens can then perfect. This car has original HID headlamp and no retrofit history before. com! The simple answer based on customer feedback indicates that the OPT7 Fluxbeam LED Conversion Kit line-up performs equally well in either a reflector or projector style headlight assemblies. Genssi LED Lighting The Toughest Lights on Earth, LED Headlights, LED Conversion Kits, High-Performance LED Light Bars, Jeep Mods, Bumpers. The lights . The main difference between reflector and projector headlights is that projectors have lenses that better focus the light as illustrated below. Buy SNGL Projector-Specific Version H7 LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion kit - Adjustabe Beam - 6000K Bright White - 2Y Warranty: Headlight & Tail Light Conversion Kits - Amazon. Now let’s move on to the projector headlights. com was created to provide a useful information resource open to anyone interested in high performance headlights. I personally like the projectors and if you get a new set, just do a bit of research because they make LED that fit in those housings. Suzuki seems to have a design and quality flaw in the headlight unit of the 2001-2005 Bandits, namely they suck. As a result, the question of the use of reflector versus projector usually comes up a H7 Led Bulb Conversion Kit provides a long distance and wide vision increases driving safety and helps you avoid the potential traffic accident in time. I am reading a lot of people saying that you can only use them in the projector headlights. The design and mechanics of projector headlights provide a number of advantages, including increased compactness and range, over classic reflector  ULTRA LEDs LUMENS HPL ULTRA LED Conversions Next generation LED lights provide comparable light Identifying Projector vs Reflector Headlights. Original lamp ballast and power source for LED are about the same size in my projector so it was relatively easy to integrate it directly into the projector box. may also be able to find projector assemblies, or a total LED headlight conversion kit,  Dec 6, 2018 A reflector headlight consists of a bulb installed into a plastic reflective bowl. Larger reflectors are more efficient in distributing and projecting light than a projector, which is why many vehicles that use projector headlights still use reflectors for the high beam. Find all your headlight upgrade products here: https://www. This is because of the sharp horizontal cutoff of the light within the projector. The simplest way to present with the iPad is to connect your tablet directly to a projector or TV monitor. 1999 - 2004 F250 F350 to 05-07 Morimoto D2S 5. Single & twin projector headlights, bare chassis units & complete alloy housed units. I didn't want to be one of those idiots who blinds everyone by putting a HID kit in halogen reflector headlights. It is a Sharp D100U from 1997. Lighting that truly illuminates the road in front of you in a crisp and clear manner, without blinding oncoming drivers or creating obnoxious glare, is priceless. Reflector housing is coated in chrome that is designed to reflect the light shown from the globe outwards. 7, the projector 5 is provided with an illumination apparatus 50, liquid crystal light valves (image forming devices) 51 a, 51 b, 51 c, a dichroic prism 52, and a projection lens (a projection device) 53. On car lots today all over the world you’ll find new vehicles equipped with both reflector headlights, and projector headlights. Regardless of the Bulb technology I want them putting out beams of light through a projector with lens that even spreads the beam with proper cut off. Shop our High Performance HID & LED Headlight Conversion Kits at TheRetrofitSource. Because projector headlights are directed downwards towards the road, they don't shine in other drivers' eyes. If you want reflector to do both hight and low beam you have to use a different type of a light bulb. They have many advantages: They're brighter. . Find great deals on eBay for projector conversion. I. However as a technology projectors tend to have a tighter & more focused output pattern among other benefits which you can read about below: Projector headlights have a small elliptical reflector and a clear lens, which produces a sharper, more focused beam of light without the scatter loss that is common with parabolic reflectors. . technology and can be used in both projectors and reflector beams. They are only shining light to the sides. The question as to which headlight housing design, projector vs reflector, is superior is a question that comes up . There are 2 types of headlight housing your vehicle may have which will heavily determine the characteristics of projection of light. Bi-xenon Morimoto Matchbox HID Fog Light Projector Upgrade  Reflector-to-Projector Retrofit Conversion (Headlight). Headlamps are also often called headlights, but in the most precise usage, headlamp is the term for the device itself and headlight is the term for the beam of light produced and distributed by the device. 7" Motorcycle LED Projector Conversion Kit 4x10Watt- Plug N Play H4 H/L This is a high low beam configuration with chrome reflector. Anyway I trial fitted one lens to see if the bulb locations on the H4/H1 housing and reflector line up with the projector H1/H1 lens. Yet still ‘technically’ unroadworthy. Find great deals on eBay for projector headlight conversion. db_tanker Re: LED die for 8mm projector conversion Because filaments radiate light in all directions, projectors used complex optics to focus the light on the tiny 8mm film image - spherical reflector and two big collimating lenses. We've worked hard to earn our reputation. I am thinking about upgrading to LED headlights. When it comes time to pick out a projector for your headlight retrofit, there are enough  Retrofit Kit. Whether it's a HID projector conversion we just completed or an HID system that you  Jan 4, 2019 Other headlights use projectors instead of reflectors. How to Convert Your Headlight Bulbs to LED: All vehicles fitted with halogen that don't require drilling out the dust cover on a 2013 ram projector lights? Aug 23, 2017 Without getting too technical, a projector headlamp positions its light source so that it's facing forward. Glowteck EXTREME360 LED bulbs can be adjusted for a reflector or projector housing, and can be suited for high beams, low beams, fog light assembly, and ensuring a crisp clear brilliant white beam pattern for your vehicle. With projector beams, you get more light directed where you need it for better visibility and safer driving in darkness and inclement weather, without A lot of HID bulbs (even the OEM ones in modern cars today) emit way too much light, so the designed headlight assembly, lens, and projector lens will reduce the output light by up to 50% to pass specifications! You may get away with placing them in projector headlights, but that's really just a wild idea and not at all factual. by using a mechanical shade inside the reflector to change the beam's . 4 LED High & Low Dual Beam Headlight conversion kit is one of the only kits on the market that allows for PLUG AND PLAY installation on the 2006-2012 Dodge Ram 1500 2500 and 3500 with factory reflector headlights! Watch the Ram 2500 without Factory Projector Headlights 2017, Chrome CCFL Halo Projector Headlights with LED Turn Signal/Parking Lights by Anzo®, 1 Pair. With Amber Reflector. Mirrors Something to keep in mind is that all headlights, no matter reflector or projector, are specifically . To illustrate the different between projector and reflector lights, the image below is of a typical modern headlight unit. The question as to which headlight housing design, projector vs reflector, is superior is a question that comes up a lot. Reflector headlights VS Projector headlights. The three main options are "Threaded Mount" / "Nut and Bolt Mount" / "Putty Mount". *Prices below will cover the majority of headlights, however, if excessive trimming/cutting is needed,  Feb 18, 2018 You need to know which headlight housing your vehicle has before purchasing aftermarket HID or LED lights. Lightwerkz Global Inc. Re: Projector or Reflector Headlights?? how much further to the projectors project the light than the reflectors? Irfan "Showing off is the fool's idea of glory. LEDs An HID Projector Retrofit is the absolute best way to get maximum performance out of your vehicle headlight system. We've used the Nut and Bolt method since we've been in business, but we'd like to show you how else you can accomplish a projector conversion on your own. Turn the reflector over remove the 2 screws holding the bulb holder in place Now your ready to fit the projector unit I find it easier if the bulb is first removed from the projector unit - it removes most of the wires Pass the halo wires through the reflector I believe projector light units are more suited to LED and HID than the reflector units. The projector beams are poorly focused, the individual units themselves come loose, the blockers in the lights come loose and drop in front of the bulbs, and there is a black dust that coats everything inside and outside the projectors, the lenses, the reflector and the clear Welcome to HIDNation. We're the world's largest supplier of high-end auto lighting upgrades. You need self-levelling and either washers or wipers for the lenses. Bulbs: H9 low/high beam (included). For example, you can replace reflector headlights with a projector kit of the same shape. Use the projector insert and you will be much happier with the results. Be very careful if you want to go this route, and only go for kits that include the actual bulbs, the ballast, harnesses, and projectors. Alibaba offers 204 Projector Reflector Suppliers, and Projector Reflector Manufacturers, Distributors, Factories, Companies. H6054 Halogen reflector to HID Projector Install-Pics People who have stock H. If you’re looking to convert the sealed beam headlights in your classic car or truck with modern, replaceable halogen bulbs, sealed beam headlight conversion kits from Summit Racing are the perfect solution. Whether you need to buy HID bulbs for the headlights or you require a complete LED conversion kit, we are here for you. * This is a projector headlight: This is a reflector headlight: 3. Home » Catalog » Auto Accessories » Sealed Beam Headlight Conversion Kit. Uniform lighting is critical in uniform beam pattern projection. This is achieved by taking OEM or OEM style headlight housings and fabricating in the best quality components (generally projectors & shrouds along with top level HID bulbs & ballasts). If an LED headlight light bulb functions well in a projector, chances are it´ll most likely function good in a reflector like, yet often that´s not the situation work out means around. This conversion will truly be a custom effort. With a durable LED Conversion Kit, you can upgrade. Taking into account the individuality of your vehicle, we have designed a fully adjustable LED bulb. The OEM reflector headlight housings have the exact same shape as the OEM projector headlight housings. While it’s true that the reflector housing is not designed for other types of lights, LEDs can actually perform much better than mos Halogen bulbs last longer than regular incandescent bulbs. Then my wife tells me the 15' Tahoe LTZ come with HID even. So it would seem the two are marginally compatible. It appears that the projector is pressed into the H4 bulb holder. Serious light output for vehicles with existing reflector headlights. The Christie CP2308 is the first in our line-up of Series 3 cinema projectors to utilize the new Christie CineLife ™ electronics Sealed Beam Headlight Conversions. I recently saw a LED kit that will replace the stock halogen bulbs in a base and premium WRX and from the pictures that there are no glare but a nice cutoff line. ) Take a close look at the headlamps. Sounds simple? Sure, but there are significant and substantial issues and challenges. The four parts cover the following: Part 1: See how to remove the lens, remove the reflector, level the reflector, and confirm your halogen aim. 1) Does the 100w bulb not hurt the projector? I was doing some research and saw that a 100w LED should be putting off 4500 to 7000 Lumens. When the truck is running, there is a very slight flicker to both of the amber LED strips. The reflector HID's seem to just dissipate the light more evenly and look like regular soft halogen headlights but are super white. Types of Mustang Headlight Bulbs and their Advantages; How to Convert to HIDs . Projector Headlight Housing. Reflector type housings are the ones we see on cars made in the early 2000s and before. Mar 26, 2012 An HID Projector is what actually emits the light in a retrofit setup. The very trend of the projector headlights in housing is now getting quite popular in the recent years. A retrofit is taking HID projector, usually a OEM HID projector, and properly mounting it into a headlight housing that once housed a halogen reflector/projector. All of our conversion harnesses are plug and play, If you purchase a conversion harnesses and Demon Eyes and/or auto-dimming halos, we will do the wiring for you so you will not have to pull your hair out doing it. Projector headlights are usually much brighter than traditional headlights that use reflector style. H6052 7 x 6″ Projector LED Ring H6052 REFLECTOR – 7″X5″ Sealed Beam So I went to the Bone yard and scavenged some nicer looking S70 headlight assemblies, and pulled some BMW ballasts, and also the reflector/ projector assemblies. Upgrading your old halogen headlights to LED or high-intensity discharge (HID) effectively swaps out dull, yellow beams for a colder white or blue, and doing it the right way can also give you brighter headlights that effectively improve your night vision without blinding other drivers. Anything less than that is subpar. The hid reflector and projector are designed based on the geometry of the  Feb 11, 2019 Now there are two - projector and reflector. So I ended up with 4 Ballasts, grand total was $60 CA And here it is almost finished. As the projector headlights are deeper and take more space, reflector lights are smaller and take minimum space within the vehicle. But i see that you said it was not as bright as the original bulb? 2) If I use a reflector or lens would that help focus the light into the input and should that be a better option? If so which one? Correct, the harness is different, they make conversion harness for reflector to projector but I haven’t seen a harness going to other direction. The worst thing you could do is not illuminate the upper portion of the reflector/projector most responsible for projecting distance down road. *Removal and installation of bumper will be an additional $75. While having projector headlights does not necessarily mean that the car will have factory HID 100% of the time, a car equipped with reflector headlights always means that the bulbs are halogen. 2009-2014 F150 & Raptor Projector Headlights & LED Bulbs The factory headlights, especially on 2009-2014 F150s with base halogen reflectors, are boring. Mar 25, 2012 I've gone with the Morimoto Mini H1 Retrofit kit from TRS. Projector Bulb Conversion to LED: I received a Projector from a friend December of 2010. This is why you can see cars with HIDs in reflector housings, the reflector housings were designed for a HID bulb. The stock 3rd Gen high beams run a Philips H9 in a reflector housing, the Morimotos are using an LED projector. , based out of Oakland NJ offering the best HID projector retrofitting products and services. I did some research online to see if I could get a bulb for it and found out that it would co Projector headlights are growing in popularity, and for good reasons. Depending on your vehicle setup, you may or you may not have a hard time dismounting the headlight from its mounting location. High Intensity Lighting. Hatchback bumper reflector to LED conversion. However, if the reflector is damaged beyond repair (if it's broken, for instance), the only way to remedy the problem is to replace it with a new one. In most cases, your stock halogen bulbs will be brighter than LEDs in projector-type headlights. The CANBUS system on the Dodge RAM is a computer system that monitors the forward lighting on the truck and communicates with different parts of the vehicle. Still waiting for the projectors though . It did not have the original bulb, but everything else worked fine. Aftermarket HID (HID Conversion) Kits  Replacement Xenon HID Conversion Kit H7 Projector and Reflector bulbs available in 5000K, 6000K, 8000K. They are spaced off the back with a nylon spacer. I can't believe how many answers under this question falsely concluded that projector headlamps are equivalent to xenon (HID) headlamps. Headlight upgrades can be aesthetic, practical, or both. When you convert to HID bulbs but fail to convert your housings from halogen to reflector, you have an ILLEGAL HID conversion, because the higher intensity light output from HID is scattered in the reflector housing and blinds other drivers, rather than being projected in a specific pattern with the shutter cutoff in a proper housing. The housings (reflector and projector) are designed around the bulb, not the other way around. There are some cons of the reflector headlights too. Ok, Im sorry if this has been asked already, but I have been looking in to this for a little over a week now and cannot find anything. Typically the process involves baking the headlight assembly to loosen the adhesive, removing the lens, cutting the reflector, mounting the HID projector, and using silicone to reseal the lens. Depending on the type of input port (VGA or HDMI) and iPad model, use the correct cable and adapter combination. Projector headlights offer intensive light beam concentration and focus. They have elliptical reflector, lens, light source and cutoff shield (low beam projectors). My BMW's HID's blow this trucks lights out of the water. Choose Underground Lighting for buying premium-quality automotive lighting products at affordable price. THEY ARE DIFFERENT; to be specific not even comparable — it’s like comparing an apple with a, well, Labrador. Some companies even go so much as to make a projector certain LED headlight light bulb, in some cases they function, sometimes they don´t. The beam pattern will not be correct. Car guys worldwide know that TRS carries the internet's best selection of high performance automotive lighting products at the best prices, and we've got the best, most knowledgeable team of real enthusiasts to help back it up. Watt and lumen units represent different quantities, so you can't convert watts to lumens. Now I just need to talk the wife into letting me drop about $650-700 on the lights and HID projector kit. I drive a lot at night and really hate the reflector halogen setup my LT has. Bi-xenon Morimoto Mini D2S Stage III Headlight Projector Retrofit Kit Retrofit Kit. Fortunately, we stock the best of reflector headlights like IPCW headlights, APC headlights, and a whole Projector Light. The removal of the factory amber reflectors cleans up the look headlights. HB4 9006 9012 LITE Series LED Headlight Conversion Kit Projector Reflector Bulb See more like this 2016-18 RAM 1500-3500 W Projector 9005 HID Xenon 55W Boltz CANBUS Conversion Kit Brand New well the other option I was wondering about is - I have a set of JDM Subaru OE HID headlights, but they are regular reflector housing, does not utilize a projector lense, but the reflector cover looks just like a halogen one. a good read! I' m going to retrofit nb1 lights to replicate craft square's light! Most of the bad ones I see are with regular reflectors, not projectors. cars have always told me that they can see forever down the road and that the sides of the road are lit up so much better than regular halogens. There are 154 OEM, 135 ODM, 47 Self Patent. Dipped or Low beams that operate behind a projector work remarkably well when converted to HID, similarly Main or High beams that operate in front of a reflector work particularly well. In this post, we'll explain what projector headlights are, plus how to ensure your vehicle remains road legal whilst getting the best performance from your headlights. And that will ensure that you do not burn out your Demon Eyes prematurely, and so your halos do not overpower your headlights, Reflector-to-Projector Retrofit Conversion (Headlight) *Prices below will cover the majority of headlights, however, if excessive trimming/cutting is needed, an additional labor charge may apply. We redefine the automotive aftermarket for. Reflector headlights are the most commonly used and this headlight type has been around for a long time, tried and tested. Buy SNGL Projector-Specific Version D2R LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion kit - Adjustabe Beam - 6000K Bright White - 2Y Warranty: Headlight & Tail Light Conversion Kits - Amazon. Projector headlights are a tricky subject. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Have a 2016 Bighorn, last night I swapped out my reflector headlights to the TYC projectors using the harnesses from retroshop. Connection of power supply was made directly from the switch of Many people will say that replacing a halogen headlight with an LED headlight in a reflector housing is a mistake. It can be switched from the high and low light freely by Electromagnetic Drive. These The projector housing lives within the headlight and is usually a removable piece, and has lead some enterprising individuals to retrofit projectors from more modern cars (NOT entire headlights) into their reflector based headlights if there is not a facelift version with projector headlights. LED Bulb to be placed in a Halogen Projector Electrical & Lighting. Headlightrevolution. in one simple picture- What is a . You can calculate lumens from watts and luminous efficacy. " #2 - you can buy the aftermarket lights and the HID projector kit and then work on them at your leisure and not worry about getting the front end put back together in time to go to work on Monday. The reflector dissipates the light that is available evenly, but not all beams are directed properly and can be reflected too far up or down and be not visible to the driver. Source for 100w led matrix and led matrix itself I ordered them from ebay. CCM Bi-xenon HID projector headlights utilize Mini H1 projectors. You will notice these styles of housing generally have a cup that sits in front of the bulb that will prevent light from shooting straight forward. How to convert electric power in watts (W) to luminous flux in lumens (lm). D. And the light test. Shop with confidence. Swap out your original reflector headlights for projector style headlight housings: they look better, have the built-in LED DRL/turn signal, have a sharp cut-off beam pattern, and are brighter and Reflector headlights are quite cheap to make. If you have a 2013+ Dodge Ram with the OEM projector style housings and you need to know how to install an HID conversion kit, than this post and video are for you. World-wide shipping available. Then, a projector as an embodiment of the invention will be explained with reference to FIG. As shown in FIG. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases LEDs do not uniformily illuminate the reflector or internal projectors reflector housing. The light is not focused anymore and the output is insane glare. PROJECTOR & REFLECTOR HOSUING TYPES. The good news is that there's a ton of aftermarket headlights & LED Bulb Upgrades for the 2009-2014 F150s available all with a variety of different designs, styling and finishes. Reflector Style LED Headlights look similar to the oem style light,  Apr 12, 2019 Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs All-in-One Conversion Kit . HIDRetrofits. A headlamp is a lamp attached to the front of a vehicle to illuminate the road ahead. beware of putting HID style bulbs into an H4 housing. Shop our premium HID conversion kits Reflector vs. We have introduced the Christie CP42LH, a scalable 4K RGB laser projector to help exhibitors deliver the best visual experience, ensuring that the theater is still the best place to watch movies. The LED strips have a "hyper-white" color and hook into your F150's parking light connector for power, which allows them to run when your parking lights are active or when your low beams are switched on. 0 55W Projector Conversion/Upgrade When I started this project I was not able to find very much information on what to expect or how to accomplish my desired outcome. That'll be a yes then! HIDprojectors offers HID headlights, fog lights, taillights, and DIY retrofit kits, as well as custom lens etching and other quality auto lighting options. Taking the poorly lit back roads has never been more exciting with Morimoto powered  Reflector vs projector housings. The projector technology uses the shape of the shade edge, and the exact position of the optical system to determine the sharpness of the cutoff. I run Morimoto D2H 6000K Xenon/HID headlight bulbs from The Retrofit source. Christie CP2308. A non-projector ("reflector-style") headlight simply bounces the light around and the brightness in a reflector (by installing an HID Conversion Kit, for example),   For the last several years, there's been this trend -- among people who are approximately as dim as their headlights apparently are -- of installing aftermarket  But installing the led projector, we need to cut original reflector to fit the projector in place. A set of innovative projector headlights will provide your Volkswagen a brand new look. Xtravision bulb, and the stupid HID-conversion bulb in the reflector housing. The headlights come ready with an H7 halogen bulb for the low beam projector and an H1 halogen bulb for the reflector high beam. I have the 2015 Silverado 1500 with the reflector style headlights. Trusted for more than a decade. The annoying ones everybody complains about is the PNP's shoved into a halogen reflector or halogen projector. GENSSI 7x6 (5x7) H6054 200mm LED Reflector w/DRL Headlight Chrome (1 Lamp) | GENSSI LED Certainly, I cannot tell you what you must do but I can advise what you could do to fix this. They're less likely to blind other drivers. As others stated, HID's typically work best going through projector lenses. Nowadays, a lot of cars can come with a projector and reflector type of headlights on the same vehicle. I don't want my headlight bulbs behaving like halogen bulb in a reflector housing. The Mini H1 projector. Our headlights can improve your vehicle's lighting capability on and off the road. An aftermarket projector retrofit kit in most cases does not have DOT  I was going to do a conversion. The p. Replacing a reflector is a fairly average task. Chrome housing, clear lens. In this four part video demonstration, learn how to build your own HID projector headlights. The alternative is a reflector system in  Apr 14, 2017 It all started with tungsten, and then we had halogen reflectors on our cars, before projectors and then HID headlamps came in the picture. H7 Led Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit. Are you bored with the traditional reflector headlights on your Volkswagen? You have came to the right place, we offer many Volkswagen aftermarket Euro design crystal headlights and projector headlights. The projector mounts to the back plate with 6-32 machine screws and nuts. This is to recess the projector in the headlight housing and allow for heat dissipation. Reflector housing is coated in chrome that is designed to feflect the light shown from the globe outwards. Jun 1, 2009 Projector housings have a few drawbacks and one is that there is a very this is a key issue with these retrofit kits as the reflector on the left is a  Jul 9, 2014 Projector headlamps have tube-shaped glass units inside the lamp with a thick When most HID conversion kits are installed on reflector style  Nov 19, 2018 Conversion Kits . High Performance and CANbus H7 auto led headlight bulbs conversion kit, matching both halogen reflector housing and projector housing, OEM fit, ultra bright, precise color. 3 Best HID Conversion Kits: The Complete Buyers Guide. I didn't know until I saw a LTZ Silverado in a parking lot the other night, they have projector housings with halogen bulbs. Hi-lo xenon project light is a new mode headlight which combines oval reflector with Convex Imaging Theory. Retrofitting Xenon or High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights to replace the standard halogen reflector setup may seem like a good idea and a whole lot cheaper than paying the $1000-2000 premium for the factory Xenons / Bi-Xenons but in reality not only is it illegal but not a very wise move. How to convert watts to lumens. Feb 18, 2019 The SNGL Super Bright – Our top pick for the best LED conversion kit; OPT7 Bullet – The best HID kit for the price; Kensun Xenon – Top HID kit  Apr 10, 2015 H4 conversions allow you to choose from a wide range of available H4 size bulbs for two types of headlights, reflector style and projector style housings. Using an HID conversion kit with projectors/reflectors not intended with an  Sep 6, 2013 LED headlights come in projector and reflector versions. While all HID’s come in a type of projector housing, not all projector headlight housings use HID bulbs. Switching to projector headlights from the reflector headlights involves some wiring adjustments. Installing Ram Projector headlights in place of Reflector headlights is easy to do with these harnesses at Headlight Revolution. Learn why projector headlights are superior to reflector headlights. They're often incorrectly defined and can create confusion when it comes down to legality. Here is a comparison between the projector and reflector headlights. Essentially, halogen bulbs and HID capsules produce the greatest amount of light in different areas of the bulb. com Love all things automotive lighting? Subscribe to this channel for more review and install videos and see why One should not confuse projector headlights with HID headlights. But all these styles boil down into two basic types of headlights – reflector headlights and projector headlights. Projector headlights are significantly brighter than reflector headlights. We're going over various projector mounting methods in this video. HID light is a high intensity discharge light which do not have a filament. The V. Received the projector glass lenses today from GPC . Contact us today, you will not be disappointed! An HID Projector Retrofit is the absolute best way to get maximum performance out of your vehicle headlight system. Designed to adapt the 2009+ Dodge Ram Projector style headlights onto trucks that came standard with the basic Dual Halogen headlamps, this harness will allow you to upgrade to the most modern Ram look without cutting, splicing, or modifying anything on the truck's factory harness. reflector to projector conversion